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Relational Culture Checkup

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Welcome to the Relational Culture Checkup!

This Checkup was designed to support organizations in self-assessing core mindsets, skills, practices, and supporting structures needed to cultivate and sustain a relationship-rich culture.

Before you get started, choose how you want to complete the Checkup.
Organizations can choose to take the Relational Culture Checkup as a group or ask individual people to complete the tool independently. If you are completing the tool as a group, we recommend gathering a group of 2-8 people to work through the Relational Culture Checkup together and reach a response that reflects the average experiences of the organization's culture. To help facilitate the process we recommend using the Relational Culture Checkup Group Guide included here.

Your results will be available at the end of the Checkup. We encourage you to print them or save them as a PDF.

Let’s get started! This first set of questions ask for your perception of staff beliefs in your organization. While we can't know precisely what other people believe, we often have a gut sense.
1. In our organization, staff believe... *This question is required.
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...relationship-building with youth is critical for achieving our mission. is important to engage youth in culturally-responsive ways.
...relationships are a powerful mechanism for advancing equity.